Prattmont Baptist
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Belong. Believe. Become.

Ministry Statement


 Prattmont is a place where we want you to ...

Belong . . .    Come just as you are.
Believe . . .   Come and learn about Jesus, the Son of God.
Become . .    Come allow the Holy Spirit to transform you into a follower of Christ.
"Belong. Believe. Become." is a journey of life, love and faith.
Coming just as we are allows for transparent and honest relationships.
Coming just as we are allows for grace ... becasue it's all about grace!
We are not perfect, but God is.
We are not righteous, but God is.
We don't have it all together, but God does.
Once we feel that sense of belonging, we hear about Jesus, and see people with a Christian world-view living for Jesus. People who are living what they are learning and following the example of Jesus Christ.
Once we believe, the Holy  Spirit works to transform us . . .  it is a process. Through this process we become followers of Christ. We live in His grace and we share this love and grace with others. We become Great Commission believers, going out into the world to make disciples.